Sunday, May 16, 2010

Black Shapes

By Philip Barrett

This one hits kind of close to home. A formally aspiring writer can’t write any more and it’s messing up his life. He can’t sleep. His relationship is going down the tubes. He’s in trouble at work. It seems everything is going wrong for him.

And then it gets worse, he has to move back in with his parents. Only temporarily of course, but how long does that last. (Six months and counting in my case. I wish I had job. Or wrote more.)

Barrett returns to the idea of struggling with an obsession that is taking over someone’s life. In this case the struggle becomes physical, as the “black shapes” from the title are actively attacking and mocking the lead character.

It’s all kind of depressing, and I’d rather not think about it as it reminds me too much of my life at the moment. Boo hoo! Oh woe is me. And so on. Good comic though.

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