Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moments of Struggle

An Illustrated Introduction to Some Anarchist History
By Isy Morgenmuffel

I usually really dig Isy’s zines, but this one felt kind of lacking. It’s broken up so that each page talks about one specific event/time period in history and how it ties into anarchism. Except that I felt one page wasn’t enough to even define the terms Isy wanted to use, let alone talk about time periods that sometimes went on for hundreds of years.

So while there is some interesting information here, I also feel there’s some misrepresentation (can a society really be anarchist if it survives solely by preying on other groups?). I guess I really want Isy to just pick one particular era (like the Spanish civil war) and do a zine just about that. I’d definitely want to read it if she did.

(I just finished making another recipe from Isy’s cookbook Another Dinner is Possible. It was a peanut chilli, and turned out really well! Go buy that instead.)

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