Saturday, May 15, 2010

Talking About the Weather November-December 09

Despite my general dislike of zines without staples (it’s not that much effort!) this one’s actually pretty good. I believe it was made by a teenage girl I met at the Brighton Zine Fest.

At first it seems like your average cut and paste perzine thing, listening to music, meeting up with friends, getting really excited about things. And then suddenly she’s interviewing The Specials. Yes, the band. She’s back stage at a gig they did, and they all seem a bit drunk (or very drunk in one case), and I’m jealous. It’s also a pretty good interview.

Ghost Town apparently sold 900,000 copies, and reading about it now (just before the election in the UK) I’m kind of worried. I’m afraid it’s all going to happen again. Is already happening again. And I don’t know what to do.

There’re also instructions on how to make a paper boat, lists of things, a way of portraying the seaside at Brighton Beach that I really like, and some pieces of art.

But still, too much fighting on the dance floor. Sigh.

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