Friday, May 28, 2010

Sinatra in Space

Sinatra has been kidnapped, and brought forward in time so that some guy can win a contest. Now he’s stuck on the moon, and has to get a job to pay rent. Shitty!

I learnt several things from this zine, including three reasons why I do not want to live on this version of the moon.
1. It’s a monarchy (the moon king is either a giant cat, or has a giant cat with a crown that he likes to watch chase people dressed up as mice).
2. Giant flesh-eating sewer slugs are a major problem for people of all walks of life.
3. You have to pay rent.

It’s amusing, and the art is pretty good (though I definitely prefer the thin lined art style that is used on some of the pages). I have almost no reference point for Sinatra though, he was a singer? And in movies? My knowledge of things that are not giant space lizards is apparently lacking.

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