Thursday, May 20, 2010

Man & Troll: An unconventional fable

By David O’Connell

Man and troll! Enemies for as long as time can remember! But now, no more! Their love is true and strong, it can weather the problems that face them, disapproving parents, a society that hates and fears them, TV talk show hosts.

Yes, this is a silly zine (on the back cover O’Connell says that he “draws and writes nonsense”), but I thought it was really cute and funny. I’ve kind of ruined the twist for you, but it’s still worth reading for the way the story is told.

O’Connell’s art is fairly simple here, and the backgrounds aren’t exactly the most exciting things (if they exist at all), but he has a good line and his characters seem to move realistically. O’Connell’s art is influenced by a number of French creators, and maybe I’m just forcing my knowledge of his Tozo comic onto this, but I feel it’s still visible when he’s drawing trolls.

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