Friday, May 7, 2010

Skill Shot 12

Seattle’s Pinball Zine
PO Box 20204
Seattle, WA
98192, USA
$5 for a five issue subscription

Sometimes I feel as though I either lived in the lamest city in Cascadia or that there was clearly a super awesome secret city that I just never managed to discover while I was there.

This is because every time I’ve gone to Seattle or Portland I’ve had an awesome time, and even now that I live thousands of kilometres away from those places I am still discovering amazing things going on there. If I was willing to live in the USA* I would move to one of those cities in a second.

Anyway, this is a zine about pinball. It lists a top 12 favourite pinball machines of the moment, pinball news and gossip (tournaments, where new pinball locations are, custom machines people have made), strategies for specific games, challenges, and a list of every (?) pinball machine in Seattle, broken down by region.

It’s so neat to see that there’s still an active fan base for something that I generally think of as a dead form of entertainment. But as long as people keep playing, other people are going to keep making pinball machines (that must be such a weird job).

I’ve never really had any interest in pinball before, and I’ve barely ever played, but now I want to. I want to find the most fun machines. I want to maybe get good at them. I feel like I spent too many of my early years reading books instead of going out and playing in arcades. Drat.

*I’m not. I would get shot. Also: the politics are super fucked.

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