Monday, May 3, 2010

Four months!

Amazing. This is now the blog thing that I've updated the most (excluding things like DeadJournal oh those many moons ago).

May has loads of stuff happening for me.

First there's the 2nd Midlands Zine Meetup next Saturday which I helped organize. I'm kind of nervous! Plus, vaguely trying to finish three different zines for it.

Then I'm going to the Oxford Lindy Exchange (and apparently there website isn't currently working), which should be lots of fun! Lindy hop dancing is rad.

Then I'm going to some comics event in Bristol and I'll probably be writing something about that for the internet. Plus I will buy so many comics. Also I need to find somewhere to stay when I go to this, anyone have friends in Bristol?

Finally, there's the London Zine Symposium, where I'm doing an artist trading card workshop, and maybe tabling if I get zines from Stumptown Underground on time.

Also, I'm still rocking my other blog, the one where I post pictures of all of my clothing. Today is some rather fetching underwear.

Other than that, my life is just depression and anxiety. Hurray!

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