Monday, May 3, 2010

Mild Peril #10

By Dean Peril and Sausage Punk Pete

When I’m reading punk music zines like this I don’t expect to know who the bands being interviewed are, but when I don’t even recognize who the bands people are citing as influences are I really have to accept that I know nothing about punk music. Except that Brutal Knights are awesome.

(Not the video I was looking for, but I dig this fan made claymation.)

However, the enthusiasm here is amazing. Both Pete and Dean are totally into punk music and it’s really great to read this stuff and see their passion coming through. There’re loads of interviews with bands, a comic, reviews of shows (where I wish Pete had mentioned the names of either the digital hardcore of drum and bass people he’d seen), an account of some shows played in Greece, and best of all, recipes!

There’re two recipes in here by Lucy, and I’ve made the sweet and sour vegetable recipe twice already! It was really good! I’d never made a sweet and sour sauce before, so I was a little nervous, but it turned out really well. I am really amused by the different types of measurements used in this recipe. There’re only seven ingredients, but they’re measured by grams, tablespoons, pints, tins, and cans. Amazing.

The zine ends with a bunch of reviews of cds and records. My favourite was “Gah, this is weakening! I’d imagine it would be great if you dug david blunt or coldplay, but I’m guessing anyone reading this review doesn’t.”

I don’t even know who David Blunt is! Violet Violet, who are also reviewed, are pretty good though.

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