Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WJC Comic No 1


Urgh. Writing this stuff on a computer in Sweden that is underlining almost every word I type is frustrating. I predict this will be my most spelling-mistake filled review ever. Plus I am tired.

So! WJC! I read one of his comics in the 2000AD fanzine I reviewed a little while ago, and it's good suff. The comic here has absolutely nothing to do with the cover, but is about a helicopter getting shot down, and the pilot trying to escape from some strange, unstoppable soldiers who are chasing him. It's almost entirely silent apart from sound effects, but you don't really need dalogue to understand what's going on here.

At the end of the story there's some ultra violence that kind of comes out of nowhere, but it all looks pretty good, even if the reproduction on my copy isn't the best. The artwork inside is a lot "cleaner" than on the cover in that the lines are more solid and less messy, but the same sense of design can be seen. Plus there is a weird squid-armed monster with a knife and a meat cleaver on the back cover. Result.

I'm really curious as to if this is part of some longer story or world, as there are questions raised here that I want to know the answers to!

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