Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ouija Interview No 2: Chip

By Sarah Becan

Okay, I know I've been alternating between comic and noncomic reviews on the site, but now that I have a big stack of minicomics to read that's what you'll be getting for the next little while. Thankfully, this one is pretty awesome.

I know I've seen some of these before, but I'm not totally sure where, and for whatever reason I didn't buy them (unless they are secretly hiding in my "to read" pile, but that is hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometers away).

I don't know if these are really the result of using a ouija board or not, but they sound fairly authentic as far as that thing goes (as in completely made up, but in the right format). Each page has a narration box on top that poses a question, then a single panel below that features a picture of a ghost responding to the question. I really dig the way Becan draws the ghost (who's name is Chip), with creepy eyes, and a stitched up looking mouth. Creepy! And yet still smilling and looking really happy.

There's not that much for Chip to do in each panel, but Becan makes the most of it. Chip flails around, changes expressions, and Becan somehow uses his limited facial features to imply that the person asking the questions is a total moron. Awesome!

So what questions are asked? Chip tells how he died, what the afterlife is like, what he the point of life is (getting laid), and tells a disgusting, but still funny, joke. He seems like a pretty rad guy.

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