Monday, July 19, 2010

Ouija Interview No. 3: Naomi

By Sarah Becan

Okay, you're probably wondering why I keep reviewing these, since they're basically all the same, but there are two reasons.

1. I think they're really good.
2. I only have so much time in this Swedish library (I'm in Malmo!), and don't really want to read some of the really long comics, or the ones that don't immediately grab my attention.

This issue manages to combine the styles of the two previous stories: it's both fun, and a little depressing. Naomi misses her friend, but doesn't know how to find him. Awww, adorable. Of course there's the not very nice reason why Naomi is dead in the first place, but you kind of have to accept that in stories about ghosts.

The art continues to be the right combination of cute and ghoulish, and I really like the haircut on the ghost in this one. Plus the little squiggly bits at the bottom of the ghost...torso. I don't know how to describe ghost body parts.

One thing I didn't mention with the others in this seriesis that I really like the lettering. The font used for the ghosts looks blocky and kind of old fashioned, and presumably is similar to the type found on ouija boards. At first I thought it was done with some sort of inkstamp letterblock thing, but comparing words that are the same it looks like it unfortunately wasn't. Still, I guess that would have taken forever, and it does still look quite good.

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