Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 Things To Do With a Fake Moustache

By Leah Riley and Will Woods

You can probably see on the cover (if I managed to actually get the image online) this zine originally came with a fake moustache on the cover, a genius marketing move if I've ever seen one. Unfortunately the problem with libraries is that you can't really lend out a fake moustache to everyone, and even if you could I wouldn't want it...

Inside this zine are the titular ten things you can do with a fake moustache, none of which is actually wearing it as a moustache. The things range from the sort of sensible ("Accentuate your eyebrows"), to the absurd (I'm not sure how well a moustache would stick to an octopus). Each of the suggestions is accompanied by a drawing, which is usually self explanatory, but at times needs the text to explain it. I honestly would never have guessed those things on the robot were moustaches if that wasn't the name of the zine.

So if you are seeking out things to do with your fake moustache you should get this zine.

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