Friday, July 30, 2010


By Patrick Ringsborg

Straight up, I don't really get this comic. A girl finds an animal skull and attaches it to a robot, which then runs amok. A magic flying turtle, some meat, and a baby trap also appear.

"Matthew", you are probably asking yourself if you were clever enough to look at the above URL and deciphered that it was for a Danish website "are you reading comics in languages you cannot understand again?"

Well, I am not. This comic is entirely silent, and presumably the weird goings on were all part of Ringsborg's plan, even if I'm not entirely sure what his plan actually was.

The art's good (a sort of weird goth style with both cutesy and realistic elements), and if you're at all interested you can go to the above website and check out a PDF in the publications section. I hope you do as it's worth the few minutes it'll take you to "read".

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