Monday, July 5, 2010

Trixie Biker Vs. the Time-Wastral

By Matthew Craig

This is a kind of strange story where the titular character Trixie Biker rides a motorcycle and talks to fairies, that I believe only she can see, to defeat a mad scientist and his time traveling shenanigans.

In between the scenes of motorcycle action are scenes about Trixie's alter ego Jane, who works in an office, does all the work with none of the rewards, and looks basically nothing like Trixie. I mean, yeah yeah, glasses are a pretty terrible disguise, but the hair looks completely different, going from straight in a pony tail, to this weird poofy, curly looking, beehive-like thing. After the opening scene with Jane we jump over to Trixie, and as for a second I was thrown as to what connection the two characters had to each other. There are a few other awkward storytelling moments in here as well.

However, the dialogue is quite good for the most part, and the story takes a traditional reason for someone doing crazy time travel stuff and twists it a little so it seems more original. The art isn't amazing (I don't think the motorcycle on the cover could actually drive anywhere), but it tells the story and there are some places where it works pretty well.

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  1. Hi, Matthew! Thanks for the review. I would've liked to have emailed this to you, but there's no link. And this comment box is givin' me grief, so I'll summarise my 700-word response in bullet-point form and see if it posts. Here it goes:

    Dialogue? Thankee!
    Alter-Ego? less Batson, more Parker.
    Hair? Straightened, then...less so.
    Bike? Is a pet.
    Pixies? Real. Just very quick. See "Attack of the Sixty-Inch Pixie."
    Art? I like the horse. Also, the city (thanks to Google Street View). Need to get better at drawing The Ladies, though.
    Revising it? In time for BrumZineFest, although it'll probably go up on the website first.

    Cheers, Matthew! Hope you enjoy the other comics, too, if not more so!



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