Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ricochet Ricochet Ten

By Jenna and Emma (I think)

This is clearly made by at least two people, but exactly how many, and who, I'm not entirely sure. I do know that one of them used a not very good typewriter for most of her parts meaning that it is quite hard to read the sections where the text was very light in the original.

The content is rather strange. Well no, that's unfair, the content is what you expect: book reviews, zine reviews, event reviews, a scene report, the experience of eating a frozen, microwavable burrito, anecdotes, queer stuff. It's all fairly basic zine fodder.

It's just the writing style is...hard to describe. It's as though you crossed a bubbly teenage girl with a vegan, queer activist.

"Like I started to feel that I needed to engage with films outside of the homo ghetto. But oh my god, literally everything I read makes me mad cus it's stupid heronormative shit that doesn't relate to my life."

To be honest, that's not the best example but I can't really bring myself to reread this entire zine with half of it written in badly reproduced type writer, parts of it written in a back and forth which is incomprehensible as it doesn't say who is saying what, and all of it written in a style I do not really enjoy.

I mean, the content isn't all horrible or anything, they recommend some good comics (anything that tells people to read Stuck Rubber Baby is at least a little good, though I wonder about the inclusion of Junko Mizuno in their queer comics section), there's a very frustrating piece on a pizza place that offers vegan cheeze on their pizza, but uses milk in their crust (wtf!), an amusing overheard quote about Beyonce being a witch, and the idea of a "sex attic" instead of a "sex dungeon". Awesome!

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