Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cidade Solar #51

By Fernanada Meireles

One of the things I almost said I could do to keep this site going if I couldn't gain access to more zines was to start reviewing zines in foreign languages. Sometimes that's okay, I own comics in more languages than I can remember, but it's less fun when you're "reviewing" a political zine of some kind.

This one falls somewhere in between the two. It's part of a project to make one zine every week for a year, which is probably even more insane than me trying to do this site. I mean, at least I'm not wandering around various European countries desperately trying to find a long arm stapler.

The content seems like it'd be interesting if I could actually read it and it wasn't in what I believe to be Portuguese. What I content I can understand includes a drawing of a wall with barbed wire on top that is compared to Auschwitz, a hand drawn map showing where something called Boemia is, a few photos who's quality is very much what you expect from photocopied photos (sometimes I love this look, here the graininess looks pretty good), a recommendation for a vegetarian restaurant of some sort, something about a music show, and a drawing of a person made out of envelopes.

If you can understand Portugese and those things sound kind of interesting to you I'd say check it out. I think I'm going to keep it in case I run into someone who understands it, or get really bored and try running some of it through babelfish.

"in my hand it tava the document of the car and my recemtirada wallet of motorasta. mine cabels was grating, I used muiro black."

Oh babelfish.

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