Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jeg Ser En Mand

By Claus Handberg Christensen

I have no idea what the title means, and the contents are almost as mystifying. They consist of six photos, with no captions or text of any sort, of a man in a suit walking down a broken and decrepit street. He looks up at something we can't see, then continues walking.

There are so many questions raised here: where are the photos taken? Are they part of a larger set? Who is the man and whey is he walking through such a grimy area? What is he looking at?

None of them have answers, so I'm left to try and think up some of my own. (Okay, there is a street name sign visible in the photos so I could probably figure out where it is, but I'm not going to, and I'm just going to assume he's looking up at a pterodactyl fighting a giant robot.)

All the photos are shot from the exact same height, angle, and whatever other photography terms I have forgotten. The shot itself is really interesting, as part of a wall is so white it looks almost like a margin, separating the photo into two parts. I'm not sure if this was intentional or is just something that I'm creating with my mind, either way it looks interesting.

Finally, this was part of a set of small books that were also designed as postcards. There's space for you to write an address and message on the back, and the orange bit on top actually sealed the book close (until I tore it open to look inside). Neat! I'd love to get something like this in the mail.

(And yes, I guess this is an art book, but it's basically just a zine.)

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