Tuesday, January 12, 2010


By Emily Block
Fortune Cookie Comics
Half sized.

Based on this and another comic of hers that I read, Emily Block apparently really likes making everyday people flip out, fight, and kill each other. The first comic in this zine features a character running and jumping over things because she is “super late” (at least according to her watch), before bumping into a woman and her babycarriage. The mother hauls out her samurai sword and a fight quickly begins. I was hoping for a Lone Wolf and Cub reference, but you can’t have it all.

There's a comic about her stealing candy, but most of the rest of this is devoted to one pagers about interesting customers she’s gotten at work. These are fairly funny, though they are the sort of things everyone who works in retail have dealt with. Well, maybe not that rat one.

The layout could have used a bit or work (what are those two blank pages doing there?), but it’s not a deal breaker, as the work contained is fun.

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