Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Island of Dr. Moreau #1

The Island of Dr. Moreau Part One
Adapted by Claude T.C.

If I’d actually read the back of this comic I would have realized that it wasn’t a straight up comics adaptation of HG Wells’ novel. Instead it’s a side story, taking place between chapter’s five and six of Claude’s ongoing Reckless Youth (web) comic.

I was a little disappointed to discover this, as I would have enjoyed a comic adaptation of the novel. Or at least I assume I would, as I’ve never read the novel. However, I did still enjoy this comic, which takes quite a few liberties with the original. Ignoring the completely new characters dropped into the plot, the biggest difference is that it’s treated as a comedy rather than the original horrific version.

For example, the Dr.'s assistant was unable to find work as a biology graduate in London, so answered Dr. Moreau’s want ad, and then spends most of her time getting drunk. Actually, that could be the same as the book couldn’t it? Maybe I should read it.

The art is generally attractive, and sort of reminds me of Platinum Grit. In fact the content kind of does too, in that it features a floppy haired, somewhat useless protagonist, who seems to stumble into dangerous and frightening events (as generic as that sounds).

My major complaint is that this is only part one (of five I think), and somewhat on the short side at only 14 pages. Still, I suppose I can read all those webcomics to find out who these characters are.

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