Friday, January 29, 2010

I Dream of Killers #1

I Dream of Killers #1
By grilled tuna

In short snippets that are cut and paste around a page in a manner such that the lines never line up, the writer reminiscences about watching horror movies as a child.

I’ve never really enjoyed horror movies, so can’t really connect to the writer’s experiences of staying up all late watching them, trying to get parents to buy horror movie posters, or wanting to be scared. Why would you want to be scared?

The writer also says they never paid attention to children’s movies, and while I don’t really remember what I watched as a kid, I do know that a few months ago some friends went to see Tarantino’s movie Inglourious Basterds, while I went to see Ponyo, the new film by Miyazaki, by myself. I was (and still am) perfectly happy with that decision.

However, there is one point on which the writer of this zine and I agree on, and that’s how awesome abandoned hospitals are. The writer thinks they’re the scariest place they can imagine being in, while my love of them is down to an awesome time I had at a fancy (or as fancy as my friends and I got) cocktail party we once had in one. Plus abandoned buildings are just awesome. Now I want to read zines about urban exploration again!

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