Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Written by Paul Scott, illustrated by various.
Half sized.

This is a selection of Paul Scott’s short comic works, collected from the first five issues of OmniVistaScope. It’s quite professional in its approach, and based on the artist bios in the back Scott seems to have hired professional artists to illustrate his scripts (or he’s just really good at getting people to draw things for him).

The stories collected within seemed very “Future Shock” like, in that they were short science fiction stories with twists. Not that that’s a bad thing, I like those types of stories, and some of these are pretty good and feature things that I like (robots, hitchhiking, aliens).

It’s hard to talk about any of the stories without ruining the twist endings, so I’ll just show a bit of art, and say that I liked most of the stories in here, though a few could have used another draft. But hey, this sampler is free, so worth picking up if you see it at a con.

Art by Paul McCaffrey

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