Friday, January 8, 2010

Hotshower 10!

Hotshower 10!
By Joshua Isaac
Half sized.

Behind this somewhat odd cover, featuring a thinking snail and a floating head, are some not quite as strange comics.

The comics are mostly one or two pages long, and cover a lot of ranges: a guy with a tiny robot (which I think is from Star Wars) on his shoulder walks through the country side, people crash their car into a lake, other people have conversations that are really confusing.

There's also porn comics! Visible penetration! That’s not something I see that much in comics, though maybe that’s because I’m not buying issues of “hot moms” (or maybe because I’ve mostly lived in countries where you can’t import that stuff).

Some of the other comics seem to be diary entries, or at least slice of life stories that I generally feel might as well be true when presented in comic form. Hell, maybe the porn comics are real. They could be. I don’t know.

The art can be pretty scratchy at times, though not without its charm. Other times the artist prefers to use really thick lines, which combined with the simplicity of the art makes me think the comics have been blown up from a smaller size to fit the page (maybe they have).

The longest comic in here is very different from the others, featuring a style that uses lots of cross hatching to indicate that it happens at night. The story seems to be based on the artist’s life, when he went to a tree sit protest. Unfortunately there isn’t that much about the actual protest itself, and most of it is about getting into the trees in question. This could be because he wasn’t there for long, or because it was really monotonous in the “and then I read a book for 6 hours/days” sense. I’d like to read more comics about that sort of thing, so hopefully some show up somewhere.

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