Sunday, January 10, 2010

How I no longer suck at drawing

How I no longer suck at drawing
By Ramsey Everydaypants

Ramsey could draw, she had years of art training and had attended art college and everything. But she could only draw what she saw, not what she thought about, and so she set out to change that. That led to this collection of her work from the last several years.

The artwork from the zines is a little random, and it can be hard to understand what’s going on because they’re out of context. You discover that Ramsey likes bicyles and dumpstering, but you could probably say that about most zine kids.

There’s a comic about a “non-date” drawn for another zine, which was pretty cute, a selection of show posters and flyers for the house she lives at in Baltimore (hey! A friend of mine once played at one of those shows!).

I really like show posters, and these ones are good. I could probably read entire zines filled with nothing but show posters. (Do you have one? Send it to me!)

There’s also a selection of tattoos that she’s designed for friend, and pictures of kids from her work at a private school that are pretty sweet and manage to capture whatever it is that makes that specific kid awesome.

You can see the evolution of her art through the work presented here, leaving the question brought up by the title: how did she stop sucking at drawing? By drawing a lot. There’s no easy way to talent it seems.

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