Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eldash issue #1 – Are you really ready?

Eldash issue #1 – Are you really ready?
By Max
Quarter sized.

Are you ready for a level one Armageddon? Well, maybe, or at least you can get ready for it pretty quickly if you believe this zine that brings you through four increasingly dangerous types of armageddon.

What you should bring, what you shouldn’t (no electricity means no internet), plus useful skills and tips that will help you get by once society has collapsed to some extent. Should you bring a gun? Money? A dog? Am I going to die because I was never that good at chopping fire wood? (Fuck, I hope not.) Is that can of food that’s been sitting on the shelf for two years okay to eat?

The design of this is pretty rad*, under a beat up brown paper bag cover you have some nice red cardstock inter-title pages. It’s a nice looking package.


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