Monday, January 18, 2010

me & ering #2

Me & Ering #2 Season Meandering
By Steve Fuson

Half sized.

These are short diary comics featuring the author, his wife, and their dogs living in Portland. They’re kind of boring. I mean a comic about how the weather changes frequently in the town you live in? Really? I know I prefer autobiographical comics that are like this, but I do appreciate well done ones about everyday life too. I’ve read years worth of Snake Pit comics, and those are more or less the same every day (“woke up hungover, went to work, got drunk”).

The first story actually starts pretty well. It’s about a babysitter showing up at Fuson’s house on Halloween with the kids she’s babysitting. She’d locked herself out of the house she was babysitting for and had no idea who the people she was sitting for even were (she’d found job online). The story is cute, though there is no resolution (locksmith shows up, but did she get back in or not, is she a ghost?).

The other stories aren’t nearly as exciting.

The comic where it snows and everyone is amazed and everything shuts down reminds me of the current situation in England. A bit of snow falls and everyone freaks out and nobody can drive. Considering I spent years living in a place where the snow was more or less constant for months and months and you had to walk on the road because the sidewalks were just huge piles of snow, I have no pity for any of these people. Suck. It. Up.

(Urgh, I feel bad writing a review this negative.)

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