Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Po Po Mo Summer

Po Po Mo Summer
By Laini S.
Half sized.

Po Po Mo Summer is “mostly a joke” according to the cover, and that might be the best way to describe this “Polemical Propaganda for Literati.”

It’s a collection of found images and text. Or some of it is. Some of the images are original drawings by Laini, and some of the texts are quotes from various (credited) post modern philosophers. Or at least I assume that’s who those people are. Almost five years out of university those bits pretty much made my eyes glaze over, and I didn’t really parse the ones I read. I can’t believe how boring I find academic texts nowadays.

I did like the cover with the use of the Russian word ГИБЕЛЬ. Its meanings include: death, destruction, loss, and ruin. What a great word! They never taught me that when I was studying Russian in university!

There’s also some nice collage work, and I dig all the hand lettering, and use of fonts and forms. This made me think that I could really enjoy a zine created by Laini when she’s reading less post modern social theory.

This is silly.

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