Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Youthful Erotic Fantasies of the now Decrepit Dr. Pembrose

By Matthew Phelan

This comic claims to be based on an attempt two people made at creating a documentary film. Whether this is true, or even what the documentary was supposed to be about, I don't know, as the comic just deals with the fantasies of the titular doctor.

The comic is, thankfully, just made up of panels of the interview subject talking about his fantasies interspaced with those of the film makers looking more and more horrified. This is one of the few times when I think a comic has broken the "show don't tell" rule and had it be incredibly effective. Mostly this is because the fantasies are incredibly lurid and I don't want to see them.

The fantasies are both creepy (at least in part because they come from an old person talking candidly about sex, which we as a society aren't really down with), and hilarious. I mean, they are completely insane, and the way they're described in such a deadpan manner with a sense of superiority really amuses me.

The art's pretty good, though I'm kind of confused by the layout of some of the pages. There are sometimes small bits of head of leg left floating off the bottom or top of a page. It's almost as though the comic was designed for some online "infinite canvas" style setup, but ended up being reformatted oddly to be used as a webcomic. Strangely these bits don't seem to match up to any other sections of the comic. It doesn't detract from the comic, I just think it looks a bit odd.

My only real complaint is that it's pretty short. I'd have been enjoyed reading more of this stuff (though not too much, I don't want a 200 page graphic novel or anything).

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  1. Holy old frijoles! That title ALONE is enough to make me want to read the book. Hahahahah! Excellent, thank you Matthew.


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