Monday, December 6, 2010

Alternative Press Fair!

Guess what! I suck! I went to the Alternative Press Fair over a week ago and still haven't posted my photos! Gah!

Hell, even worse, I uploaded them days ago and just haven't made this post. : (

Anyway, Jimi Gherkin invited me to come down for it when I saw him at the Birmingham Zine Festival. I was up for it, and some friends of mine from Canada were over and they planned to be in London that weekend so I got to meet up with them too. Hurray!

I helped work at the "everybody" table (which had another name, but I can't remember what). I met some nice people, traded a bunch of my zines, and sold a bunch of other people's (and even one of mine!). I sadly didn't get to talk to as many people as I'd hoped (sometimes tabling sucks). Still! I had a totally awesome time anyway.

They also announced that they're currently planning the first International Alternative Press Festival in London next year. The festival will be held over the final weekend in May (27th-29th), and will feature parties, the alternative press festival, workshops, performances, and lots of other stuff!

So if you're an artist, zinemaker, printer, publisher, art gallery, or anything else crative you should definitely get in touch with them. You can also keep an eye on their blog. Hopefully I'll see you there! I can't wait!

(Unrelated but interesting: An article on the Japanese zine scene.)

And now the photos! (Click for bigger.) I love all the terrible decorations that were hanging up at the venue.

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