Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Kobold and the Dragon

By Steve Dismukes

Kobolds! Scum of the monster realm! Beat up by everyone. Given the worst possible jobs. Always sent to die first by their evil masters. But now, no more. One kobold has had enough. He (she? How do you identify kobold genders? What genders do they even have?) has decided to become a dragon. For dragons are bold, dragons are strong, dragons are deadly, and dragons are rich.

The comic follows our kobold hero as they attempt to fulfil all the tasks necessary to become a full dragon. It’s pretty short (only eight pages, including cover), and I kind of wish it was a bit longer as I liked the style used to illustrate the kobold and the dragon, and generally enjoy stories about characters who refuse to live the life society has told them they have to. And monsters. Can’t forget that I like stories with monsters.

Still, it’s cute and amusing. I especially liked the bit with the kobold fulfilling the tasks to be a dragon and the back cover gag, which works fine as a back cover image, but has extra resonance after you’ve read the rest of the comic.

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