Monday, December 6, 2010

Control Freak #1

By Ox

I love collaging. Look, I even started another blog devoted (mostly) to making them. I also love looking at zines that are filled with lots of awesome collage work. They're inspiring! Look at all these new techniques I can use! Look at what they've done just be rearranging other people's work. Look at what they've managed to turn into art despite whatever boring crap it was originally!

Except (except) that I then look at my own stuff and think it's all crap! Well, not crap exactly, but considerably less exciting looking. I'm made hundreds of these things, but I'm not exactly experimenting very much with form am I? Well not until I read a zine like this and then for a little while after maybe my trading cards are a bit more interesting. Until I go back to cutting up old maps.

Anyway, Control Freak has lots of awesome collages, found objects, photographs from weird cameras, drawings, and more. It's an art zine that I really enjoyed. Now I want to look through it again.

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