Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sugar Needle #35

By Phlox Icona and Corina Fastwolf
P.O. Box 66835
Portland, OR
97290, USA
$2 and a stamp, or send some awesome candy.

Candy! Sugar Needle is a pretty rad zine featuring reviews of lots of different candy! This issue features some UK candy that I sent to Corina, though it seems as though I sent her some that wasn't too exciting (maybe the packaging just doesn't photocopy well). I do love that Corina reads all the ingrediants of the candy she reviews, and that she was greatly amused by some of the things used to colour the candy I sent her.

This issue also features musing on imaginary types of candy that the writers would love to eat, an article/interview with a surf rock band (which, of course, asks them about their favourite candy), and reviews of lots of different candies from around the world.

I love the tall + skinny format that Sugar Needle uses, and the hand coloured images on the cover and througout the interior are really "sweet" to use a terrible pun. If you're into candy (or chocolate) this zine is definitely worth checking out, and if you send the creators some candy you'll probably get mentioned in the next issue. Hurray!

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