Thursday, December 2, 2010

Immortal Ewan and the Rod of Rasputin

I have a degree in Russian Literature and Language. I almost never use it nowadays; I occasionally translate small pieces of dialogue into Russian for my friends' comics, I get into more conversations about 19th century Russian writers than most people, and vodka is my hard drink of choice.

Plus there's my Slavophilism. "What's that?" you ask. Well, it's my reinterpretation of a term used by a 19th century political movement to, in my case, mean that I really like stuff from Russia.

And so a comic about Rasputin creates one response from me: Hurray!

This comic is about the titular Ewan, who is immortal. He makes his living by "Rasputining". ie. getting killed in the same manner as Rasputin. (The rumours around Rasputin's death are pretty damn crazy. Of course Wikipedia takes the fun out of everything by including "recent evidence".)

Well Ewan isn't actually killed, as he's immortal, but other not very pleasant things can happen to him. Such as things related to a rumour concerning Rasputin's...intimate area. Eeek.

The comic's short, but pretty funny. And the fold out miniposter is a really good drawing of a parrot. Everyone wins!

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