Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Gentleman Ghost

By Jack Fallows

You can probably tell from the cover, but just in case you can’t, this isn’t a story about the DC comics supervillain. (Who I think is pretty boss, despite knowing absolutely nothing about him. I’m not even sure I’ve read any comics that have featured him.)

Instead we have a comic about a different gentleman ghost! Clearly this is a huge subgenre of comics. I love stories about ghosts that just go about their days doing normal things despite being dead. The gentleman ghost has a shower, he goes to the shops, he reads the newspaper, and more! And that’s just the first comic! There’s also a version of the mummers play and a really dope one page (and 47 panel!) origin story that tells exactly how the Gentleman Ghost came to be.

It’s silly, but I like the way Fallows draws the ghost, his accessories, and the backgrounds. I would gladly read further adventures of this character. Even incredibly boring stories become exciting when they feature a posh ghost! The gentleman ghost goes to the beach! The gentleman makes some toast! The gentleman ghost does his laundry! The possibilities are endless.

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  1. I like this review because your take on the Gentleman Ghost sounds exactly like Jack's! I'm pretty sure he's said a couple of times that he knows NOTHING about the DC character, but thinks that he's probably awesome all the same.
    Great minds, eh?


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