Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blank Stares & Cricket Claps Yearbook 2003 – 2006

Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth reviewing some of the zines I have. I mean, this is a music zine from several years ago. Is it relevant? Is it still coming out? I mean, if it was ancient it'd have historical value, but I think it's from 2005 or something. But I've read (most of) it, so whatever.

Blank Stares & Cricket Claps (the title comes from audiences' reactions to bands they don't know) is about indie music, and is, as you might expect, filled with reviews, interviews, and other stuff. The problem is that the bands featured I've either never heard of, or don't really care about. I don't think I actually finished the interview with a guy from Mercury Rev, though I did read the one with one of the members of the Afghan Whigs. Despite this, I would be unable to pick out any of their songs if you played some to me. "White boys with guitars" is apparently not my type of music.

I feel like I'm being overly critical of this zine, as it's very nicely laid out. Someone put a lot of effort into the design of this zine, and it looks really good! It's just that the content, style, and humour don't really appeal to me, and there are lots of references to things I didn't understand. I did like the step by step ilustrated dance instructions though. Those were pretty great

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