Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fanny Cake the Swan

Fanny Cake the Swan
By Terra

I was halfway through this before I realized that there was a narrative connecting all the pictures. I guess I’m just dumb. And took the “colour me in” and “add your own text” on the cover to mean that it was just an activity book.

Instead, it’s the story of one of those swan boats that people ride around in going on an adventure and meeting the ghosts of some dead moles of weasels or something who require booze. Yes, it is really strange.

Unfortunately I think this zine really suffers from, well, being a zine. Being photocopied really hasn’t done the art any favours, and I’m really curious as to what the originals looked like. The murky grays, the fact that it’s all been created on graph paper, the blank speech balloons that look like clouds, and the lettering that’s hard to read all combine to create a very frustrating reading experience. I like the art, the story interests me, I just want to see it presented in a better way, perhaps online?

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