Monday, February 8, 2010

Zine Libs Issue #2

Zine Libs Issue #2
By Caroline Paquita and Erick Lyle
PO Box 40272
San Francisco, CA
Half sized.

Mad libs! Those stories from when you were a kid that were missing words that you filled in to create amusingness. Except these ones are about punk houses, protests, and the end of the world.

The stories work pretty well and there’s even a grammar guide in the back explaining what all the different grammar terms mean. So if you can’t remember what an adverb actually is, then there’s a handy definition plus examples!

My only complaint is that the stories are way too long. After about two pages of asking my friends for adjectives, nouns, and places, most of their enthusiasm disappeared. So it was sometimes hard to get people to keep listing off words for up to four pages before being able to hear the story. I think a larger number of shorter stories would work better.

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