Friday, February 19, 2010

Reet #37

Reet #37

It’s too bad that this was the last issue of Reet, as it’s a pretty neat idea. Sure, it’s just a comic anthology, and some of the pieces could have fit anywhere, but most of the comics here are more like the comic strips you would find in a newspaper. Except considerably stranger of course.

I really like the idea of creating your own version of a newspaper comics page, and what better way to get submissions from all those lazy artists then only requiring them to draw three or four panels! You could get them to do whatever they wanted, continuing strips, humour strips, anti-humour strips, action strips, political strips, basically whatever appears in an actual newspaper. You could even do it weekly (okay, maybe not).

Alright, so the idea that exists in my head is different than the actual execution of (at least this issue of) Reet, but this is still worth checking out. Not only is it free, but it’s got a fantastic cover, and some of the strips inside aren’t bad either.

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