Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love Zine #4

Love Zine #4
By Liberty

Is that the name of this zine? Is that who made it? I don’t know. There’s not really any information included here. It says it’s the fourth edition of “my Love Zine” so I dunno, is that the same as issue four?

The zine is filled with lots of different quotes and excerpts from various things in tiny tiny print (in an attempt to “conserve paper” according to a note made by the author). I’ll admit that I didn’t read all the stuff in here. I read most of it, but the several pages of massage techniques, tennis balls in a sock stuff, and lists of words were just too much for me.

As for what I did read? Uhm, I have to admit a lot of it didn’t register. Poetry is something that just generally goes in one ear and out the other, while the quotes (mostly context free) did much the same. It is mostly feel good stuff. There are a few pages (with tiny tiny print) with an essay/thoughts on gender politics and queer/trans issues, which I found interesting, though I’m not sure is worth picking the zine up for. There are probably other zines that deal with that issue with less tiny type.

One thing I did really like was the neat little insert. It’s done with smaller paper (2.5 x 4 maybe?) folded and stapled into the crease of the zine. It’s neat! I love it when people play with formats like that.

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