Friday, February 26, 2010

Pod Post Will Conquer Tokyo

Pod Post Will Conquer Tokyo
By Carolee-Pod
PO Box 170271
San Francisco

One of my big disappointments from last year’s Portland Zine Symposium was that I totally failed to get any Pod Post stuff (merit badges for sending mail!). I spent most of my first day volunteering, and by the time I got to their table they were out of a bunch of stuff. When I went back on Sunday (so busy that weekend) to get more stuff they were gone!

I did manage to get this one zine, though it was a bit of a disappointment.

Based on the paper size (a4!) and ephemera style contents I think this zine was actually made in Japan, which is something I never managed to accomplish during all my travels (or at least not entirely).

Pod Post Will Conquer Tokyo seems to have started as a diary/scrapbook more than anything else. It’s filled with stickers, ads, notes, stamps, coupons, and other papery stuff. Everything is taped, glued, paperclipped, or stapled into the book, and surrounded by (sort of hard to read) hand written notes.

Some of it is neat (sidewalk rubbings of weird designs! I wish I had thought to do that!), but having been to Japan (and spent two years in Asia) I guess I’m not as amazed by hamburger ads and pictures of hotel rooms. Next time Pod Post. (Except their site says they're taking the year off. Nooooooooo! That'll teach me to take six months to read a zine.)

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