Monday, January 31, 2011

Sam Beckett in Back to the Matrix

I'm a big nerd. I read super hero comics, I read sci fi novels, my taste in movies is downright terrible (is it about cyber "something" and features people being kicked? Sign me up!), I play video games, and yet there is so much stuff out there that it is impossible for me to experience all of it. Thus on my first read through of this I got some, though not all, of the references to various movies and TV shows. I got some of the jokes, but not all of them and then I realized that "Sam Beckett" was someone I should know. Oh, he's the guy from Quantum Leap (which I don't think I've ever seen a full episode of).

There are some funny bits, but overall it's kind of strange. The story is really just references to other scifi stories, meaning that it will make absolutely no sense to you if you are not familiar with (at the least) The Matrix and Back to the Future. Parts of it definitely made more sense when I reread it after realizing the main character was the Quantum Leap guy (while I haven't seen any of the show, I do at least know the premise, thank you Wikipedia).

The art is all done with stick figures, though there is furniture and other objects and stuff. So it's a bit like XKCD. It works fine for what it is, though maybe just because XKCD has trained me to associate stick figure comics with nerdy stuff. Hmm...

Oh yeah, and all profits go to a charity. That's pretty awesome.

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