Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mustaches for Fun and Profit

By BT Livermore

Well here's one almost sure way to get your 24 hour comic finished, only draw one panel per page! And draw it at quarter size. That way you can spend almost an hour drawing and letting just one picture. Easy!

Livermore's tale is more like those old fashioned comic strips like Rupert the Bear which featured a large picture and some text above/underneath than a "proper" comic, but whatever really. The author is a much bigger fan of facial hair than I am, having spent most of the last decade with some type of facial hair or other. This is despite the fact that it took him ages to actually grow a proper moustache. (Speaking of which, dude with long hair from Far East Movement needs to shave. Dude!)

Um, anyway, the comic features a brief history of moustaches in general (wait, how do I spell that word anyway?!), tales of Livermore's facial hair in particular (and the horror that comes when he doesn't have any), the "Brotherhood of the Handlebar", and more. It's pretty amusing, and would make a good companion to this other moustache zine.

And even if the rest of the comic had been completely and utterly terrible (which it certainly wasn't), I'd still like it if only for the amazing logo on the back cover check this out! Robots yeah!

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