Monday, January 3, 2011

Footnotes Issue 3

In some ways this is really more of an ad for the Footprint printing co-operative than a zine. But they print zines, and there’s enough content here for me to review it. Partially cause I don’t really want to review something more in depth right now. Lazy!

There are accounts of some of what’s been happening at Footprint, zine events that they’ve been to, brief “reviews” of some zines they’ve printed recently and enjoyed (three of which I’ve reviewed and enjoyed), info on the services they offer, information on what co-ops are, and some layout/design tips.

There’s also a pretty interesting page on risographic printing which I’m sure sounds more interesting than it actually is.

I dunno, I guess if you have a zine you want a lot of copies made of and you live in the UK they’re worth checking out. I usually just go to Staples (bad Matthew), but I also generally only make like 20 copies at a time. (Nobody wants my zines!) Footnotes' got an awesome wrap-a-round cover image at least.

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