Saturday, January 29, 2011

Onion Soup

By Dan Berry

One of the things I really love about technology is how it ends up being used in ways the people that created it would never have guessed. In this case Twitter is used as the basis for a cooking comic. How? Well Berry decided to make the titular onion soup, and tweet about it.

Each panel features Berry in the act of making soup, while his Twitter comments narrate. Other people tweet questions and comments at him which are represented by mysterious floating text (this is what the future will look like, floating text everywhere).

This all seems incredibly boring, but the combination of Berry not really taking it seriously, slight injuries, increasing amounts of wine, and various other tweeters who claim to summon a homonculous and make ketchup and crisp soup (amongst other things) cause the whole thing to be funny.

The comic panels generally follow the talking head/TV cooking show format with most panels showing torso up shots of Berry doing cookery related things. I enjoy Berry's thick lined drawings, which admirably feature his skills at drawing expressions and body language.

Berry's Twitter account can be found here. Hopefully he makes another twitter comic soon, maybe even one I can participate in!

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