Wednesday, January 5, 2011

dilettantes & heartless manipulators issue 49
PO Box 41
Flinders Lane
Victoria 8009

This zine was sent to me by Zinemonger Distro, a distro that distributes free zines. Awesome! Go check out the site to find out how you can get some!

Much like how I made it my goal to review something for this site every day (or rather, have a review posted every day, which is somewhat different as it means I can write more than one at once then set them up to post while I’m off doing something fun, not that writing reviews every day and never getting feedback isn't fun), some people have gone and decided to do something really insane: make a zine every week.

Well, I say it’s insane, but really, if you’re just doing one page a week, it’s not that much work. I write more than that for this blog. Actually, let’s check. It seems that in the past week (or at least the week before I wrote this in December) I’ve posted 2,500 words on this blog, which is more than enough for a zine a week. Huh.

This zine is like a diary entry, or perhaps a letter to someone. No, it’s more than that; it’s a running account of the thoughts going through the writer’s head as they try to get a presentation ready for a conference. It’s a look inside their neurosis and fears, with stupid jokes, encouragements, asides, and everything you think about when you should be trying to get something done. I could probably write one about trying to write this review, but really, nobody wants to read about that (what is running through my head right now: volunteering, being crap and unproductive, girls, what to do on NYE, X-Men comics).

But really, what it comes down to is this: have you never made a zine before (or even if you have)? Why not make one in 2011. I challenge you to do it. Make one and I'll trade you one of mine. Go on, do it! Let's go!

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