Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuck Turn: Adventures in Lindy Hopping

Hey, remember when I said I finally finished my new zine?

Check that out! It's a travel zine about how I got into lindy hop and all the places I've gone lindy hopping (and a few that I haven't) since then. Also included is a piece on what the hell lindy hop actually is (swing dancing), a map, and...

...a pull out mini guide to lindy hop movies and music! Amazing! If you want a copy send me an email and I'll send one out to you.

I also made copies of a bunch of my other zines, so if you're interested in any of the following zines send me an email.

1. A Fable
2. A Bicycle Trip – Vancouver, BC to Portland, Oregon
3. A Ghost Story
3.5. A collection of pieces printed elsewhere and nowhere
5. The Last Ten Videos I Watched on YouTube
7. The First Midlands Zine Meetup

Some of them are terrible! But people seem to like the bicycle trip and YouTube ones, while issue 3.5 at least has some decent stuff in it.

You can also look at some of my other zines on my wemakezines profile. I'll consider reprinting some of the ones on that site if you are really nice.

Oh hey, why don't I just include the (pretty rad) back cover to the new zine which may (stylistically) remind you of the back covers of a certain series of books about a globe-trotting, intrepid, boy reporter.

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