Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holy Moly #3

By Kathleen De Vere

I realized by looking at the stats that fewer people look at this site on the weekend, so I figured I'd review another of De Vere's minicomics in order to direct you all to look at Desert Bus, the charity raising fundraiser she's part of. You too can go and watch people play the most boring video game in the world for days on end, and all for a good cause.

Kathleen's comics are pretty much just siliness. This one's about her journey to the mucusea to try to figure out what's making all of her friends sick. Along the way she meets Canada's first prime minister John A. McDonald and rides in a boat with her cat.

I don't think the art in this one is as strong as issue two, but it still amused me. De Vere's art style seems to be channeling some of Kate Beaton's sketchier comics, and the Canadian history references really just enhance that feeling. I mean, how many comics about Canadian history have you ever read?

It's not as good as some of the videos De Vere does, and reviewing things your friends make is kind of impossible anyway.

Now go see Desert Bus, and donate some cash monies to a good cause.

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