Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holy Moly #2

By Kathleen DeVere

Kathleen is a member of the Loading Ready Run sketch comedy group. I think they're pretty funny, but I've also been friends with Kathleen for years, so I'm pretty biased. Here's their most recent video, which I thought was pretty great, or you can watch an episode of ENN, the satirical video game news program that Kathleen cohosts.

Kathleen also draws comics, such as this one. The comics are fake adventures of Kathleen, her friends, and her cats. This issue features one of Kathleen's cats getting frustrated with not being appreciated enough, and going off to have adventures in Japan. It's pretty silly.

The art is fairly sketchy and cartoony, though I think it fits the comics themselves fairly well. I really love the below panel that shows the cat's feelings about humans. Perfect.

The real reason I'm writing this review now is that Kathleen is currently involved in Desert Bus, a charity project that features her and her friends playing the most boring game ever for charity. The game involves driving from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada in real time. The road is completely straight, there are no other cars, and it takes eight hours to complete the drive and score one point. They're raising money for the Child's Play charity, so go and watch them make fools of themselves on webcams, and maybe donate a few bucks if you can.

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