Monday, November 1, 2010

The Second I Scream Zine

By Squid

After giving me this zine Squid threatened to take it back, claiming that I wouldn't understand it. Months later (my to read pile is now well over 100 items due to a recent arrival) I finally got around to reading his zine and found I quite enjoyed it.

The first piece was a pretty awesome text piece (and accompanying illustration) about how Asian women are often thought of as submissive nymphomaniacs. In the piece Squid wonders if it has something to do with how females are often portrayed in manga, anime, and videogames. While I agree with Squid in the specifics (I personally think that for my generation the sexualization of the Asian female began with Chun-Li in Street Fighter II), I think that most of his critiques could be applied to most females in general in (super-hero) comic books. Especially the bit where he asks "Can you possibly bear to represent [women] with clothes that [they] actually would wear out?"

Also including in this zine are comics, accounts of insomnia from a number of different people, self interviews (everyone knows what questions they want to ask themselves, what are yours?), some pretty rad fake horoscopes and want ads, and more! They're all accompanied by cute little illustrations, plus it's printed on some pretty nice paper.

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