Monday, November 15, 2010

Pinky Palms: Beware of Imitators

By Ben Horak

Aaaaah, the horrible hand beast! It is made up of fingers and more fingers and nothing else. It holds things when it should not be able to. It sings all of its dialogue! Kill it! Kill it now!

Um, okay. I’ve calmed down a bit. In addition to the main character this comic has somewhat frightening looking humanoids, drunk bunny people, a giant multi eyed snake monster (who looks pretty awesome), vivisection, cannibalism, and terrible, swear-filled singing. It’s all a bit weird.

I find the character of Pinky Palms unsettling, though part of that is for a rather strange reason. The “body” features one “arm” coming from either side, and yet there are four legs. That is six fingers! You do not have six fingers on your hand! No! I do like how he later acquires wings that are also just hands, that was kind of cute.

Overall though this comic is weird, and I’d definitely rather read a comic about the giant snake monster. He (?) seems way more interesting.


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