Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tragic Relief #8: Revenge

By C. Frakes

This is a short, mostly silent comic about secret agenty people chasing each other through a house, each wanting revenge!

At least I’m assuming they’re secret agents, one is wearing a catsuit, and the other is wearing the remains of some formal wear, while the building they’re in seems to be a huge mansion of a house. It’s kind of interesting how popular culture has made me think that all those elements equal “spy”.

The art uses fairly stark black and white images, with lots of silhouettes . It’s a bit sketchy for my tastes, but Frakes does draw a pretty awesome shark.

Also, holy crap! Frakes is doing a NaGraNoWriMo! She's aiming to create an entire 100 page graphic novel in November. That is intense. My NaNoWriMo has stalled at 20,000 words because it is incredibly stupid.

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